The founder of our Firm was Mr. DE GALEAZZI RINALDO, who opened it in 1950 in partnership with his brother, in a smaller office, in SOMMA LOMBARDO. In 1977 Mr. DE GALEAZZI RINALDO became the only owner.

Thanks to a continuous technological development and a special attention to the requirements of the market, the "DE GALEAZZI RINALDO S.R.L. Firm" has today prestigious international names among its customers.

"Quality end service" are the ultimate principles of the " DE GALEAZZI RINALDO S.R.L. Firm", which is now run by the founder's son and daughter Mr. MASSIMO and Mrs. LAURA DE GALEAZZI who have been working in the Firm for several years.

From January 2000 our firm is certified ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001 - Ed. 2000.